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Why Sprouted Nuts & Seeds?

Posted by Rachel Kaczynski on

Did you know nuts and seeds can be difficult to digest, especially when roasted at high temperatures? That's why our nuts are never roasted (like many others out in the market), and we take our time by carefully sprouting them for ultimate health benefits! 

What is sprouting, you ask? 

Our sprouting technique is a 3 to 4 day process, but it's a labor of love! Soaked in triple-filtered water, this activates the enzymes making the nuts easier to digest! We then dehydrate them at a very low temperature to keep the vital nutrients in tact while giving them the perfect crunch. Pretty cool, huh? 

Dig into some of our favorite flavored sprouted nuts like our Organic Raw Sprouted Pizzalmonds and Organic Raw Sprouted Salt & Vinegar Almonds. What's your favorite flavor? 

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